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Signs and Symptoms of Patients with ADHD Disorder

ADHD is a mental health problem that includes problems such as difficulties in paying attention, hyperactivity and behavior that is impulsive and its initials stand for adult attention-deficit /hyperactivity behavior. This ADHD can cause problems such as unstable relationships, having low self-esteem, poor work or school performance, being hyperactive and many other problems. ADHD may develop slowly as many do not realize that the disorder may have developed when one is a child and they may as well fail to know. When it is in children the state of being hyperactive is seen but this state is not seen in adults but other symptoms such as high impulsiveness, being restless and lack of paying attention are common in both stages. The below points are the common signs and symptoms of ADHD as witnessed in adults rather than children.

The first sign and symptom of ADHD in adults is that one has problems when multitasking activities. When one has difficulty in trying to multitask they could be suffering from ADHD. A person suffering from ADHD can also be struggling to do the tasks he or she is doing at a very slow rate. Someone might mistake them for being lazy unless they understand the problem they are undergoing. In case such a symptom and sign is witnessed one should help the person suffering from it to see a doctor or therapist.

Secondly, it can be noticed that one could be suffering from ADHD disorder if they cannot plan time well. As there is a saying that says that there is time for everything, it should be preserved for tackling the specific task that it has been spared for. In case of one having a problem of time plan management skills they need to see a therapist who might discover if the person is having this kind of disorder.

. For people with ADHD, they may get angry quickly with even the most little of things. When people are having a bad temper they may end up making other people hurt or cause them to avoid you. Lack of attentiveness may cause disputes and then result into an argument that leads to rise in tempers thus causes violence to occur. To conclude the above signs and symptoms affect people who are children and even adults and are the signs and symptoms of ADHD.

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