Give your vehicle, home and business the protection they deserve
... with Protective Film Solutions

Valley residents can now have all their protective film services performed by one trusted company:

  • Shield the paint on your vehicle from scratches and rock chips that can diminish its appearance and value with 3M Clear Bra, or 3M Invisible Bra (Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film from 3M).

  • Keep the sun's heat away from you and your interior with 3M Window Tint. We have several types, including the premium 3M Crystalline.

  • Create a cooler, more comfortable, safer and visually enhanced environment with 3M Window Films for Home and Business, available in Sun Control, Safety & Security, and Decorative versions. (And learn more about the 2009 federal tax credit you could qualify for just for having certain 3M window films installed).

We now offer 3M Service Agreements on paint protection film, automotive window tint and interior/exterior protectors!
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Protective Film Solutions proudly uses films manufactured by 3M.

Were you looking for UltraShield of Phoenix and wound up on this site? That company has now grown up and become Protective Film Solutions. We invite you to peruse our site to see all the services we've added since our early days as UltraShield.
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